We are changing the world by changing how we talk to it!

We can change the world by changing how we talk to it.

Lets start with America first!

The F.R.E.E.D.O.M. from Racism training was designed for 3 things:

A close look at hidden history and how it shaped our separation

To teach and guide us toward citizen unity to undo the past

Provide communication, emotional and situational intelligence skills to help confront systemic racism


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Mike Gardner

"We've gone through 2 or 3 of the modules so far but the content inside is so incredible! It is so needed! People need to be having these conversations and the way that Marshall brings it...it is friendly, it's everything that creates an awesome common ground so you feel safe. Safe in Learning, safe in sharing"



"Through getting introduced to Marshall, he introduced his program. Not only is he presenting information but he has done the research, he has the facts and the history and all of us have learned a lot.  It is awesome to revert back to when we want to have those conversations with our family members, friends and communities." 


"What really struck me was the discussion about indentured folk and enslaved folk. There was power in that group of people and there was a financial incentive to not let that power be connected...Thank you Marshall, thank you for this."



“If you are nervous about taking this course, that makes sense, but it’s okay. Marshall is a great facilitator and calmly talks you through all of the modules…keep your heart and your mind open to repair the wounds of the past and to create a better future….if we want to overcome racism.”


“Of all of the continuing education type of classes I've had, this is one of the most thorough, best produced and most interesting...I ended  up learning a tremendous amount- I am proud about some things I learned and not so proud about some things I learned by I am grateful! I hope and pray that many many many more people will take advantage of this... ”

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